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Quickly Get a Stream of Qualified Prospects with High Liquid Net Worth to Book a Call with You

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Does any of this sound familiar to you?


You want another source of qualified leads in your funnel.


You’re having a hard time getting listed on the first page of Google in your area.

Stand Out

You are having a tough time standing out and want help featuring your brand.


You need some social proof where the features of your business are posted.


You are sick of digital marketing that does not work.

Low Cost

You want a low-cost approach to generating new qualified leads.


You want to earn more AUM without any ongoing effort.


You know that the Zoom economy is changing the landscape towards specialization and a national audience.

And yet as you look around at your competition...

Or go to some kind of in-person or digital marketing event, you see that some firms are killing it.

You’re frustrated.  You want more AUM.  You need more leads

Qualified prospects, booked in your calendar to be able to do this.

You’ve tried a few different marketing firms with little success or perhaps never having anything to show for it.

But you know there must be a program out there that really works.

What if you could add a new stream of qualified prospects with great liquid net worth ready to book an appointment with you?

What if you could really stand out from all advisors and new prospects could see how you are different?


Now there is.

A new directory for financial advisors.

My name is Christopher Wendt

and I’m the CEO and Founder of Trusted Advisors.

And in the last 10 years, we have helped hundreds of independent advisors achieve results and grow their AUM.

Now we want to take our expertise and offer it to advisors like you.

My closest clients and friends thought I was crazy…

…Until I showed them how advisors can get an additional stream of qualified prospects on their calendar by getting listed in the directory.

And on this page you’re going to discover exactly how prospects will find you in the directory and see what makes you and your firm different.

Ultimately this will help you to

Hit your
income goals.

Work with only
the best clients.

And have the free time
to live a good life.

Not only that, we're also going to share with you:

The simple process that helps you grow your brand and find what your unique value proposition is.

The high-level strategy we are going to take to get our articles ranking on page 1 for 250 cities.

How to easily make a welcome video that will help you standout.

I know those are some pretty bold claims.

But I’ve used this exact process for many financial advisory firms across the United States over the years helping them to generate a consistent, predictable flow of leads.

In the beginning, it was hard. Then we discovered the art and science of being found online, what we call SEO, and got our first client on the front page of a Google search for the location.

And the rest was history…

We are now one of the go-to people
in the financial advisor space for SEO…

We write regularly for and other publications and have even appeared on industry podcasts, and answer advisor’s questions on LinkedIn.

But that is not all, we also have perfected the craft of branding, helping advisors like you stand out.

And now we are taking this digital marketing experience and putting it all into this directory so we can serve You.

Christopher P. Wendt, CEO - Trusted Advisor

How It Works and How It Will Help You Generate Leads…

Our directory pages will appear on the first page of Google for your area.
When they go to that page, your listing will be featured as a Trusted Advisor.
They will read about your listing, watch your video, read reviews, and see what your unique value proposition is.
They will either contact you in the listing or click over to your website.
From there, they will fill out your Contact page or “Let’s Talk” page and become a scheduled appointment on your calendar.
And, when you check the referring URL when looking through your analytics, you will see Trusted Advisor as the source of that lead.
Know this: Directories have been a source of qualified prospects over the years. I have seen some of them work consistently across multiple firms and locations.
Like NAPFA for example…
I have seen leads that became scheduled appointments from clicking over from the NAPFA site.
But the current directories are not consumer friendly nor do they offer an experience to the consumer. is different.

Like no other directory of
financial advisors on the market.

But you have to act fast
because we are limiting the number of
Trusted Advisor Exclusive
Lead Partners™
to 250.

Now don’t get me wrong…

thousands of advisors will be able to apply and have a paid listing in the directory, but to become a Trusted Advisor Exclusive Lead Partner™, you will have to start with a paid listing to apply.

Trusted Advisor Exclusive Lead Partner™ will get exclusive access to any specific lead requests in their area.

This is unheard of!

Other paid lead companies sell a lead to two or three advisors in an area which puts a lot of strain on the prospect and all of the advisors.

If you become a Trusted Advisor Exclusive Lead Partner™, then you get the leads exclusively without having to share with any other advisors.

They are your leads.

But the only way to apply for that is to be on the other side and have a paid listing.

What do you get with a paid listing and how much does it cost?

And, It is only $997 annually.

But, we are offering a special promotion and will reward any fast action you take today or in the next two weeks.

The official launch will be on November 1, 2022, when we offer it to the general public.

But we have to finish building it first and start building relationships with advisors so we can see who the Trusted Advisors will be.

So for the next two weeks, we are going to offer you your first year for only $597.

We are going to offer you your first year
only $597.

That is $400 off the regular price!

We are offering it at that price for early adopters.
The price will go up to $997 after that. We have not picked the exact date of when it will go into effect yet. But it will.
Just know that the coupon that we are offering here only lasts for two weeks and that you are getting your first year at 40% off.

The great thing about what I’m sharing with you today is you can go as big or as small as you want.

You can simply get listed in the directory with a featured listing which will help you to stand out to prospects in your area.

Or you can apply to be our preferred advisor in your area and can qualify to have exclusive leads when people in your area reach out for an advisor.

And it’s extremely easy to get started. Once you are listed and your featured content is posted. You can sit back and let the Directory and its position in Google do all the work for you.

So you’ll be able to take back time to do more of what’s important. Having fun, being with family, and experiencing the freedom you promised yourself you’d have when you got into this game.

What Advisors Are Saying

The team at Trusted Advisor have been fantastic to work with. From developing our website to optimizing it for search engines (SEO), they have surpassed our expectations. Before working with Midstream Marketing, we had not had any leads through our website. Now, after a short period of time, we are getting consistent inbound leads from our website and converting a good number of them. This is unheard of in our industry. This has changed the way we run our business and market our company forever. Thanks Midstream Marketing!

Mike Minter, CFPⓇ, CFSⓇ
Financial Synergies Shareholder | Portfolio Manager
We’ll give you a 30 day no questions asked
money back guarantee.
All you have to do is call us within the first 30 days of purchase, and we will refund your annual fee.

Note: All of your data will be removed from the directory and you will lose priority status for our Trusted Advisor Exclusive Lead Partnership™.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.
P.S. This is our last call to see if you would like to get the discount and be one of the first firms in your area in the directory.
Today we are offering a special promotion and will reward any fast action you take today or in the next 48 hours.
We are going to offer you your first year for only $597.
That is $400 off the regular price.
The price will go up to $997 after that.
We do not know when, but it will.

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